Our work

  • ANZ Credit Cards

    ANZ's history dates back over 175 years, providing banking services globally through 33 countries.

    Working with ANZ’s loyalty data team, we designed and implemented a data warehouse specifically designed to deliver reporting on credit card loyalty transactions for ANZ’s loyalty partners. The data provided deep insights into customer and market behavior, delivered to their partner’s web browsers.


    For more than 100 years Coles has been a highly regarded and much loved part of Australian life. Coles Australia's second largest Supermarket Chain, with over a third of the Australian market.

    Working with Coles’ marketing team, we delivered a web based reporting dashboard for their loyalty programs (FlyBuys, Wine Club, etc), providing insights into customer behavior and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

    The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to cancer treatment, research and education. It supports approximately 100 Cancer Researchers.

    Terence, our principal consultant, worked with Peter Mac in the analysis of whole genome genetic sequence to build tools to identify certain classes of mutations commonly seen in Ovarian Cancer, as well as building a data analysis and visualization platform for identifying and clustering classes of genetic mutations by gene and genetic pathways. Further highlights of this work included research into categorizing cancers of unknown primary, so that treatment could be tailored to the mutational profile of the cancer, rather than the tissue of origin. This work was published in The Journal of Pathology.

    Global Reviews

    Global Reviews scientifically measures and evaluates the effectiveness of the experience that you deliver to your customers.

    GrowingData was contracted to implement the organization’s strategy to deliver its insights through a web based portal rather than their traditionally printed reports. Using our extensive background in data visualization, we implemented customizable dashboards to communicate complex data with their clients. As their research timetable accelerated, we were also called upon to optimize their Data Warehouse and rewrite their ETL process to handle much larger data volumes.

  • Public Transport Victoria

    Public Transport Victoria (PTV) acts as the single coordinating statutory authority that is responsible and accountable for the public transport system in Victoria.

    As a part of PTV’s mobile and device strategy, GrowingData was contracted to build a real-time web API to provide a single source of time table and real time arrival and destination data across its network of trams, trains and busses, as well the capability to integrate real time data with its journey planner. This system now powers PTV’s iPhone and Android apps.