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What we do

A trusted partner on your data journey

Everyone is at a difference place on the data maturity curve. While we provide a range of technical solutions, at every stage we know the most important role we play is in supporting decision-making and reducing uncertainty in your world. We quickly learn what your business is trying to achieve and will recommend a way that delivers satisfying business outcomes.


Data strategy

Understand your current position and plan a roadmap for the future. We help crystallise your needs and wants, assess what building blocks need to be put in place to achieve your goals, and explore your appetite for investment.


Data engineering

Increase the value of what you already have. Optimise processes through automation, find efficiency gains, and implement the technology that will filter out noise, join data sets and train models to transform your business.


Data analytics

Make valuable insights the driving force behind your differentiation in the market. Enhance your existing data analytics or build new streams of insight, while streamlining data collection, processing, dashboards, and notification systems.


AI and machine learning

Harness the power of machine learning to make faster and better decisions at scale. We partner with you to segment customers, predict the future, and find matches, bringing innovation to solve complex business challenges and transform your business.



Unlock your human potential

See how dynamic business processes and artificial intelligence create a rich environment where human creativity can thrive.

ANZ Bank

Case Study

Growing Data has played a pivotal role in growing and maturing both our development practices and technology stack. Our team started out with a handful of interns and no infrastructure outside of our personal machines, the ANZ Institutional Data Team now has over 50 full time team members, covering Business Analysis, Data Science, Software Engineering, Data Security & Governance. Central to the team’s success and growth has been an investment in People, Process and Technology.



We provide the expertise so you can look forward with clarity. Our considered pathway to the future will illuminate your journey, reduce uncertainty, and keep you adaptable to change.