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AI and machine learning services

Unleash the power of AI and machine learning to transform your business

AI and machine learning may sound futuristic, but we’ve been using them to build applications that support users in the real world for years. From Natural Language Processing (NLP) and customer segmentation, to matching algorithms and credit analysis, we utilise cutting-edge research to segment customers, predict the future, and find matches. Discover a world of endless possibilities to innovate and transform the way you do business.


Minimum viable model

Before full implementation of a project, we’ll build, evaluate, and test Minimum Viable Models (MVMs) to provide assurance that machine learning is a feasible solution to your business challenge. MVMs enable us to find the optimal model for your data and lets you showcase its value within your organisation.

ML Lifecycle

Automated workflows

Harness the power of AI to improve business performance with automated workflows and decision support systems. We equip you to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and free your human capital to focus on higher value tasks, while speeding up decision-making and ensuring accuracy.


Unlock your human potential

See how dynamic business processes and artificial intelligence create a rich environment where human creativity can thrive.

ANZ Bank

Case Study

Growing Data has played a pivotal role in growing and maturing both our development practices and technology stack. Our team started out with a handful of interns and no infrastructure outside of our personal machines, the ANZ Institutional Data Team now has over 50 full time team members, covering Business Analysis, Data Science, Software Engineering, Data Security & Governance. Central to the team’s success and growth has been an investment in People, Process and Technology.



Unlock human potential

User focused design is at the heart of everything we do. We use AI and machine learning to automate manual tasks, unlocking human potential and offering unprecedented opportunities.

Better decisions at speed

Rapidly analyse large data sets regardless of volume or velocity. Build automated workflows to support decision-making, providing the right information to the right people, at the right time.

Gain competitive traction

Improve business competitiveness with deep insights into potentially innovative products, services, and business models. At the same time, identify opportunities to reduce operating expenses.