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Data engineering services & consulting

Valuable data insights start with strong foundations

data engineering

Where data really meets potential is through the technology that’s used to store, extract, and connect it. Without data engineering there is no usable data, no machine learning, and no valuable insights. Rely on old-school methods and you’ll be unable to take advantage of what the future holds. We unlock the full potential of your data, enabling you to reach your strategic goals now, while priming you to be ready for opportunity well into the future.


Data pipelines

Our experts build reliable data pipelines that move data freely and efficiently between systems, without human intervention. These advanced systems are used to filter out noise, join data sets, and train models. By removing data silos with real-time data transfer between platforms and data sources, you can effectively reduce your decision-making risks across the business.

Cloud data platform

The cloud offers dramatic benefits for data infrastructure – from cost savings and improved reliability, to superior scalability and improved performance. At Growing Data, we’re cloud agnostic. We help you ensure your decision to adopt a cloud data platform is based on demonstrable business value, and offer the following platforms:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Proof of Concept IAP (Institutional Analytics Platform)
  • Azure (Microsoft)
  • Gooroo, Business Analytics Engine (Nintex)
  • GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
  • IAP (Institutional Analytics Platform)


Unlock your human potential

See how dynamic business processes and artificial intelligence create a rich environment where human creativity can thrive.

ANZ Bank

Case Study

Growing Data has played a pivotal role in growing and maturing both our development practices and technology stack. Our team started out with a handful of interns and no infrastructure outside of our personal machines, the ANZ Institutional Data Team now has over 50 full time team members, covering Business Analysis, Data Science, Software Engineering, Data Security & Governance. Central to the team’s success and growth has been an investment in People, Process and Technology.



Give data velocity

Capture and exchange a single view of data with the right people at the right time, so they can make critical decisions with confidence.

Scalable access to data

Leverage technology to build scalable platforms and pipelines that connect data sources in a cost-effective and scalable way.

Maintain data integrity

Use robust systems to process high volumes of data rapidly, without compromising on quality or integrity.