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Data strategy & governance services

Step confidently into the future with an expert by your side

data strategy

We provide the data strategy expertise so you can look forward with clarity. Our considered pathway to the future will illuminate your journey, reduce uncertainty, and keep you adaptable to change.


Data strategy maturity

There is no one-size-fits-all model for leveraging data – you must evaluate where you currently are and build from there. Our maturity assessment helps you assess your capabilities, understand your strengths, and highlights where capability needs to be augmented to effectively manage your key data challenges.

Data governance

Safeguard the integrity of your data with a Pragmatic approach to Data Governance that allows you to make informed decisions based on data you can trust.  We work with you to ensure that the financial benefits are maximised while any risks of data misuse are mitigated, and legislative and regulatory requirements are fully met.


Unlock your human potential

See how dynamic business processes and artificial intelligence create a rich environment where human creativity can thrive.

ANZ Bank

Case Study

Growing Data has played a pivotal role in growing and maturing both our development practices and technology stack. Our team started out with a handful of interns and no infrastructure outside of our personal machines, the ANZ Institutional Data Team now has over 50 full time team members, covering Business Analysis, Data Science, Software Engineering, Data Security & Governance. Central to the team’s success and growth has been an investment in People, Process and Technology.



Understand your potential

Understand where your business
currently is on the data maturity curve. From here, you can define your process and technology challenges and satisfy your appetite for investment.

Prepare to succeed

Identify where technology investments will provide the biggest gains in effective use of data and establish which processes can be automated for maximum efficiency.

Quickly gain traction

Align data requirements with your business strategy and achieve real, tangible outcomes in a fraction of the time.