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Digital Assets, DeFi & Blockchain Services

The future of finance.

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We constantly hear about how blockchains are the future of money.  Yet we also hear about how blockchains facilitate scams, hacks and digital crimes.  Where does the truth lay and how can you capitalise on it?

We believe that blockchains and “programmable money” are the future of finance, it’s only a matter of time.

Growing Data has supported clients like ANZ to chart a path through these murky waters.  We are not only experts in smart-contract development, but also in navigating risk, compliance and regulatory hurdles.



Smart contract development

The heart of any DeFi project are the smart contracts that define the rules for how the project operates. We are experts at building contracts that are verifiably correct, powering multi-million dollar, bank backed stable coins like A$DC.

Audit, Test and Security services

Mess up a smart contract, and you stand to lose millions. Already in 2022, billions of dollars have been lost to “hacks” and poorly written contracts. Our test driven methodology, risk assessments and security audits give you the confidence to trust that your smart-contracts will only be used as you intend.

Advisory services

Many organisations are aware that they need a crypto / DeFi strategy but don’t know where to start. The jargon surrounding DeFi is nearly impenetrable, but our consultants can cut through the bullshit to help navigate a course to value.


Unlock your human potential

See how dynamic business processes and artificial intelligence create a rich environment where human creativity can thrive.

ANZ Bank

Case Study

Growing Data has played a pivotal role in growing and maturing both our development practices and technology stack. Our team started out with a handful of interns and no infrastructure outside of our personal machines, the ANZ Institutional Data Team now has over 50 full time team members, covering Business Analysis, Data Science, Software Engineering, Data Security & Governance. Central to the team’s success and growth has been an investment in People, Process and Technology.



Build confidence and trust

Growing Data has 20+ years of experience working in highly regulated industries (Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Construction) so we understand compliance and security. Working with Growing Data means you can sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that every risk is mitigated.

Set the right course

Let our experts navigate the jargon, hype and bullshit to help you understand what is possible, and how you can best capitalise on this transformative technology