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How we work

Partnering with you to realise your potential

We know that unlocking the potential of your data depends on stable and sustained progress as your analytical capability matures.

We partner with you on your journey, providing a considered pathway to the future that illuminates the road ahead, reduces uncertainty, and keeps you adaptable to change.


How we deliver

Before recommending a solution we consider the individual needs of your business, and the overall business impact required.

  • What is the business value we are working towards?
  • How would we quantify it?
  • When will it be realised?
  • What is the current user workflow and how will the solution change it?
  • Who and which teams will be impacted by this solution?
  • What set of activities would need to take place to realise the full business impact?

We then look for the best way to manifest your needs

  • Maximising the value we provide to you
  • Working in an agile fashion, with a living record of decisions and priorities

Small proof of concept

Low-cost, quick pilot to demonstrate feasibility

Strategy advisory work

More standard consulting, develop strategy or roadmap and deliver a range of recommendations

Fixed fee for delivery/build

Agreed build scope

Offers greater certainty of delivery

Agile project delivery

Pure time & materials

Long term staff placement (4+ months)

Greater flexibility for changes