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Online Machine learning

Online Learning: The Challenging Data Frontier

Introduction Online learning is a subfield of machine learning where practitioners sometimes refer to as incremental or out-of-core learning where machines need to continuously learn and predict in real-time. Lately, this field is gaining more attention, especially with the continuous training and deployment of machine

Automated AI approaches to clinical coding “A Case Study”

Introduction Clinical coding is an administrative process that involves the translation of the diagnostic data from an episodes of care into a standard code format. The clinical data sources includes (but not limited to) Admission data Discharge summaries Pathology tests Radiology tests Pharmacy orders In Figure

Time-series decomposition of Daily Defence Spending data using stR

Time series decomposition involves thinking of a series as a combination of level, trend, seasonality, and noise components. Decomposition provides a useful abstract model for thinking about time series generally and for better understanding problems during time series analysis and forecasting. The decomposed time series are